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Mammie is a 2D Platformer game that takes place in 23XX and the leaders of the planet Extro set up a mission to explore the planet Alo-213. They send one of their explorers, Mammie to explore Alo-213. Mammie arrived safely at Alo-213 but when he landed, he encountered the natives of Alo-213 and they tried to attack him. So Mammie ran away and set his ship to launch and land somewhere else safely. So Mammie must travel through Alo-213 to make it back to his ship and escape Alo-213.


Arrow Keys: Move

X: Jump

Space Bar: Pause

Mouse: Click Buttons

I hope you enjoy Mammie and I hope you look forward to my future games. And don't forget to comment and review . So enjoy!

Originally Released on November 23, 2018.

Updated 26 days ago

Install instructions

Download the EXE from here and play it by opening the EXE.



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