A downloadable Lucid Dreams 2 for Windows

Lucid Dreams 2 is a 2D Collectathon Platformer made for the Melrose Game Jam 2020 and it won first place.

Lucid Dreams 2 is a sequel to Lucid Dreams, where you play as Cassidy who goes on an adventure to save others who are suffering from bullying


WASD: Move

Spacebar: Jump

Mouse: Move the Cursor and Hover Over Buttons & NPCs

Left Mouse Button: Click Buttons & Talk to NPCs

Enter: Pause

Escape: Skip Cutscenes

We hope you enjoy Lucid Dreams 2, don't forget to comment and review!

Nicholas Walton: Game Design, Story, Art, Programming, Animation, Music

Jeremiah Garcia: Game Design, Story, Art, Music

Jayden Pugh: Art

Install instructions

Download the EXE, Open It Up and Play it!


Lucid Dreams 2 V.1.1.exe 50 MB

Development log

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