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Pure Darkness is a puzzle horror game that was made for the Hallway With Guard Project for Orange Technical College in the Game & Simulation/Animation-Visual Design Class. 

Pure Darkness follows Percy Drew, a man who wakes up in a cellar with no memory of why he's there and how he ended up here. So his only option is to solve the puzzles in the cellar to collect keys to open the cellar door and escape. And possibly regain his memory.

Xbox Controller:

Left Analog Stick: Move

Right Analog Stick: Move Camera

A: Press Menu Buttons

RT: Sprint

LT: Pick Up Objects

RB: Turn On & Off Flashlight

Start: Pause

Mouse & Keyboard:

WASD: Move

Mouse: Move Camera

Left Mouse Button: Pickup Objects and Press Menu Buttons 

Shift: Sprint

Right Mouse Button: Turn On & Off Flashlight

P: Pause

On behalf of the Pure Darkness team, we hope you enjoy Pure Darkness and we hope you look forward to what other games the team members of this project make in the future in this class!

Pure Darkness is owned by Orange Technical College. All Rights Reserved.


Tommy Nguyen: Project Leader, Environmental Artist, Texture Artist,  Cleanup Artist, QA Tester, and Writer.

Abigail Sanchez: Character Artist, Texture Artist, Concept Artist, Coloring Artist, UI Artist, Environmental Artist and Writer. 

Blake Belcourt: Programmer, UI Designer, UI Artist, QA Tester, Writer and Additional Level Design.

Nicholas Walton: Level Designer, 2D & 3D Animator, Coloring Artist, Cleanup Artist, QA Tester, Scanner, Writer, Storyboarding, Additional Modeling and Texturing, Musician and Cutscene Director.

Executive Producer: Austin Pinzon

Playtesters: Jeremiah Garcia, Mo, Alex Walton, and many more

Special Thanks: Mai

Sound Effects: Youtube

Note: The game takes a bit to load from the Main Menu to the game itself.

Install instructions

Download the game, Extract the file, Open the Executable and Play!




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