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Roller is a game I made for my Game Simulation/Animation-Visual Design class at Orange Technical College as project for extended Roll-A-Ball. 

You play a ball named Roller that living in Ball is Life World where Ball Is Life. But then a AI called NW comes in and tells Roller, that Ball isn't Life. Roller disagrees and they go back and forth for Five Million Years. Then finally the AI gives and has Roller play a game he made his class and if Roller beats the game Ball is Life and if he doesn't Ball isn't Life. Roller agree and he plays the game. 


WASD: Move

Enter (When Playing): Dash 

Enter (Cutscenes): Skip Cutscenes

Mouse: Move Cursor Around

Left Mouse Button: Click Buttons

I hope you enjoy my first game I made for college and my first game in Unity. So enjoy!

Roller is owned by Orange Technical College. All Right Reserved.


Roller.zip 37 MB

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